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Jessie James, originally from Utah USA, has worked across all genres of the creative industry. From the Stage to the Big Screen cultivating over 10 yrs of professional experience.
She is a Choreographer and Movement Director self producing short dance films, creating work for the live stage, as well as directing movement for fashion brands such as Tara LaTour. Her recent dance films "Half a Man" and "Lost" have been screened in film festivals across the USA with more video projects in the works. Some of her professional credits as a dancer include: The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy’s, High School Musical 3 Sr Year, The Donny & Marie Residency Show & on Broadway, X Factor Uk, Multiple National Tours, and more.
Her current passion is furthering her portfolio of creative work ranging from short films to choreographing across the USA/Europe. Jessie’s goal is to continue working with directors and producers interested in introducing dance/movement to new corporate and creative fields.
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